Dog Walking & Pet Services

Why choose us?

  • Established in 2010, we have provided care for thousands of dogs and puppies!
  • We are owned and managed by qualified dog trainers who have hands on experience with thousands of dogs. All of the team receive extensive training from Roz and Livvy and continued learning is actively encouraged. All animals within our care are under the wing of experts who know what to do in all situations. We work as a team to provide you and your pet with thorough and considerate care to the highest of standards.
  • With an established reputation as friendly dog experts (dog nerds!), our dedicated team of animals lovers provide a tailored service to suit you and your pet’s needs. Having a small and reliable team of experienced carers means that your pet’s care will never be put on hold or cancelled in the event of sickness, injury or holiday.
  • We have a head quarters on West Street, BS3 that has open doors. You can come and talk to us in person at any time. The lovely shop team will get to know you and your dog, making you feel welcome and valued.
  • We are fully insured and operate within the pet care insurance regulations (walking a maximum of 6 dogs per person at one time, average group size is 4).
  • Business owner Roz Pooley holds seminars for pet professionals in the UK and abroad and provides personal coaching to other dog walkers. Clients and customers can be reassured they are receiving the standard of care taught to others at a professional level.