Growing puppies need plenty of rest and gentle exercise that is gradually increased over time. They do best with a healthy balance of being left on their own for short periods and receiving enough social contact and company to avoid behavioral problems forming.

We tailor make a combination of home visits and solo walks to suit you and your puppy’s needs. We can incorporate some basic training and mental stimulation games into their home visits. If you sign up yo our puppy class, then puppy visitors work through the class exercises with your puppy to generalise their training further.
We then work towards introducing them to a small stable group of dogs for them to socialise with and learn good manners and social skills from.

My basic advise for puppies is as follows:

  • Puppies under 6 months are too young for daycare or dog play school. Learning about the world that surrounds them is exhausting and rest and sleep is vital for growth and development. Puppies and young dogs need around 18-20 hours of sleep a day and the excitement of being around other dogs all day in a novel environment often prevents them from getting enough. For some puppies the experience can be completely overwhelming and can cause insecurities and fear-related behaviours. Alternatively, over tired puppies often become restless, manic, lack concentration and loose inhibition- which often makes owners think they need tiring out!
  • A good guideline is 5 minutes exercise per month of age (as the main walk of the day). This is to protect growing joints and bones and prevent puppies becoming too tired or exhausted.
  • Puppies should have controlled social interactions with experienced and calm dogs so they build confidence in all the right places. Socialisation should be about quality not quantity and too many of the wrong type of interactions can create insecurities, bad habits or at worst reactive behaviour.

If you are unsure of what sort of care your puppy should be getting I offer one-one training or puppy classes, both cover plenty of training exercises as well as all aspects of care, from dietry advise to what equipment is appropriate for your dog.

Prices for home visits: £7-12.00 Plus VAT depending on duration.
Discount of 5-10% for more than three visits in one week.
25% extra on weekends
Bank holidays £5.00 extra

Areas covered: Lower Knowle, Totterdown, Windmill Hill, Bedminster, Southville, Headley, Bishopsworth, Ashton, Hotwells, Clifton, Redcliffe and other areas within a similar proximity to Ashton.