Roz (Top Dog)

Roz is the owner and managing director of the Mutty Professor Ltd. She lives on the outskirts of Bristol with her two cats and three dogs.
Roz grew up in the rural Herefordshire countryside surrounded by animals. After a decade in retail management she became frustrated at being couped up indoors and left to start The Mutty Professor in 2010.
The dog walking side of the business evolved into dog training and behaviour. Nine years on Roz is one of Bristol’s most recommended and respected trainers who works alongside other positive reinforcement trainers. She also presents seminars in the UK and abroad on training and behaviour.

She has a keen interest in rehabilitating dog-dog aggression and training voluntary veterinary behaviours. She is also passionate, fascinated and highly experienced with street dogs. She has volunteered at a spanish rescue shelter four times and has a Thai street dog of her own, the notorious Kanita!

More recently Roz is taking steps towards training other species of animals and has had the opportunity to train Lions, Porcupine, Foxes, Lemurs, Meer Cats, Raccoons, Rhinos, Ravens, Polar Bears, Wolves and Chickens!
Roz is passionate about improving the welfare of animals in captivity. Positive reinforcement training can help reduce stress in their day to day life as well as teaching them to actively participate in their own healthcare (vet treatment).

In her spare time she is a keen indoor and outdoor rock climber, trail runner and enjoys stomping up mountains. She enjoys setting herself fitness challenges such as climbing Kilimanjaro and completing the gruelling Welsh 3000 challenge.


Livvy is the business manager, helps run puppy classes and covers one-one training sessions.
Livvy completed the intensive 7 day puppy instructor course with Chirag Patel and is also completing a diploma in Behaviour & Training with Compass as well as a diploma in Canine Nutrition with the Centre of Excellence.

When she’s not holding the fort or training, Livvy lives with her dog trainer partner and their three dogs. She is a committed slave to 3 year old Chihuahua/Pug, Louis, who has food intolerances. This has given Livvy a passion for understanding canine nutrition and feeding natural high quality food to all pets. She also lives with Chester the labrador and Pablo the chihuahua. 

Livvy is also a highly skilled illustrator, if you’re lucky she may one day personalise your training notes with an uncanny picture of your pooch!


Claire is a senior veterinary Nurse with 15 years experience in the veterinary profession.

Claire’s passion for animal behaviour and emotional welfare has always been at the forefront of her career, attending numerous courses, conferences and workshops with experts in the field of behaviour for the past 6 years. She has had the opportunity to shadow many of the leading behaviourists in the area, including RCVS, American and European specialist in companion animal behaviour, Dr Sagi Denenberg DVM DACVB Dip, ECAWBM MACVSc (Behaviour) MRCVS at University
of Bristol’s Langford Animal Behaviour Referral Clinic.

Claire is currently in the final year of her degree in applied canine behaviour and training through the University of Hull, is a qualified Karen Pryor Puppy Start right instructor, Fear Free Certified Professional and a full member of the Pet Professional Guild.

She lives in the north of Bristol with her 3 cats Kizzy, Forrest Gump and Mango and her biggest influence and teacher; Yorkshire Terrier Benji.

In her spare time Claire is a volunteer veterinary nurse for StreetVet and enjoys combining her love for volunteering, travelling and animals previously working overseas in the Cook Islands at the islands veterinary clinic and in Australia caring for baby kangaroos and wallabies.


Rachel is a shop assistant at our store in Bedminster and is an assistant on our puppy class courses.

She has two dogs, Lily a rescue Schnauzer and Allie from Romania.
Rachel runs the South West Schnauzer walks which are quite a vocal affair (if anyone is familiar with schnauzers you’ll know what we mean!)

Rachel takes a keen interest in canine nutrition and positive reinforcement training. She also helps out at Windmill Hill City Farm.


Laura has a diploma in Dog Grooming and will soon be operating a business at the Mutty head quarters in BS3.
She helps out in the shop part time and has completed her Canine First Aid course.
She is the proud owner of Pippa the cavapoo!


Charlotte now runs the petcare business with her partner Dan.

She assited on puppy classes for a year, has completed two Canine first Aid courses and attending a Canine Play and Body Language seminar.

If you’d like to know more about Charlotte’s dog walking team please contact Charlotte on 07765403032


Sophie is a group walker on Charlotte’s pet care team. After volunteering at a dog kennel in her early teens Sophie’s love affair with dogs kicked in!

She’s a qualified zoologist specialising in animal behaviour and is currently working on a diploma in dog walking and pet sitting.

Sophie has a real passion for dog training and behaviour and is currently doing K9 police dog scent training with her 15 month old German shepherd called Shadow. In Autumn 2019 Sophie will be assisting our puppy class courses.

Her spare time and weekends are spent dog walking and exploring new places!

Sophie has completed CPD on Canine body Language & Play interactions.


Grace helps part time in the shop.
She has previously worked for a daycare company and currently works on Charlotte’s dog walking team as a solo walker and puppy visitor.

Grace has her own dog, a lurcher called Rune and takes an interest in dog training.
She’s received ongoing intensive training from Roz and Livvy, has completed a canine first aid course and has attended body language seminars.

Denzel (Big, Ginger Biscuit)

Anyone who meets Denzel loves him. He’s quite a character. Brought over from Spain in October 2010, Roz adopted Denzel (previously called Bubbles!!) in November 2010.

He spent the first three years of his life chained up in the sweltering southern Spain heat and was abused by his owners. He was then rescued and spent a year and a half in the shelter before being sent over to the UK for fostering. Roz spotted him on a dogs blog and decided he was the dog for her.

Considering his past he is an asset to the team. He’s very laid back and his calm demeanor has a great influence on all the dogs.

Denzel semi-retired during the summer of 2013 after battling cancer. At nearly 13 years of age he’s now fully retired bar the odd social walk or session when he’s having a really good day and Roz feels he can handle it.

Kanita (Feral Cole)

Once known simply as K14, Kanita is by far Roz’s most extreme rescue case. Once a feral/stray village dog in Thailand, Kanita was one of a thousand dogs seized by the Thai police who intercepted them en route to Vietnam- to be turned into meat. The meat trade is illegal in Thailand and dogs are smuggled to neighboring countries. This huge group of dogs were held temporarily in a cattle holding area while volunteers got to work feeding them, giving them codes for identification and taking photos for all the waiting rescue charities. A charity called K9 Angels selected ten dogs, K14 being the first. Once selected they started to prepare them to be fostered in Bangkok and during this time Kanita tested positive for the deadly distemper disease. Fortunately as the week passed she showed no symptoms, and two weeks later she was recovering from ordeal in her foster home where she eventually completed her quarantine.

She arrived in the UK on September the 13th 2012. We collected her from London and brought her home. She recovered from her journey quickly, settled into group walks and is now my main teacher on canine body language. As an ex feral street dog some of her signals are quite different to any other dog I’ve known and I find it a joy to watch her.
Kanita is sensitive to handling and has helped Roz develop her voluntary vet behaviours training. She also helps out on the last stages of social walks for reactive dogs and puppies.

Roo (The Rooligan, Rhubarb, Rubicon Mango)

Roo as adopted by Roz April 2017 after his loving owners decided he wasn’t coping with their toddler.
Roo is loving life as a semi-working Collie. He helps out with dog-dog sessions as well helping Roz film training tutorials.
He’s an exceptionally friendly chap and a great ambassador for Border Collies.

Leto (The Dogarus)

Sadly Leto passed away on 3rd of August 2017 due to a complicated illness.
During his six years with Roz he helped rehabilitate a lot of dogs on dog-dog sessions.  He was truly one of a kind and was taken away too soon at 10 years of age.
He will be dearly missed every day.