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With the Baskerville Muzzle, your dog feels comfortable, and you have the security of being able to decide what should go in his mouth! The range is made from soft, plastic mesh which is lightweight and washable in addition to allowing unrestricted panting and drinking.

Please note: Ensure your dog is always supervised when wearing a muzzle, do not leave them unattended.

Muzzle Size Guide


It is important to have the correct fitting for every dog – see packaging instructions.

The muzzle must allow mouth to open in panting; length must have 1cm clear from end of nose.

Size Length Circumference Example
1 5cm 18.8cm Miniature
2 5cm 20cm Small
3 5.6cm 21.3cm Bichon Frise, Standard Dachshund
4 6cm 23cm Westie, Jack Russell
5 6.6cm 25.4cm Corgi, Cocker Spaniel
6 8.6cm 29cm Beagles, Border Collie
7 9cm 33cm Springer Spaniel, Dalmatian
8 10cm 34cm Labrador, Airedale
9 11cm 35.5cm German Shepherd, Doberman
10 11cm 38cm Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound
12 6cm 35.5cm Boxer, Pitbull
13 7.6cm 38cm Mastiff
15 6cm 40.6cm Rottweiler
16 7.6cm 46cm Bull Mastiff

Baskerville Standard Measurements – Length Circumference
Size 1 5cm/2in 18.8cm/7.4in
Size 2 5cm/2in 20cm/8in
Size 3 5.6cm/2.2in 21.3cm/8.4in
Size 4 6cm/2.4in 23cm/9in
Size 5 6.6cm/2.6in 25.4cm/10in
Size 6 8.6cm/3.4in 29cm/11.4in
Size 7 9cm/3.6in 33cm/13in
Size 8 10cm/4in 34cm/13.4in
Size 9 11cm/4.4in 35.5cm/14in
Size 10 11cm/4.4in 38cm/15in

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The classic box design Baskerville muzzle is typically suitable for dogs with narrow noses. This traditional design prevents food scavenging and harmful self-licking.  This muzzle is perfect for handling and grooming, protection of wounds, supervised freedom for assertive dogs and preventing scavenging.

*Always use training to ensure your dog is happy wearing their muzzle*