Beco Collapsible Travel Bowl


A flat pack bowl ideal for your sidekick’s food and water when travelling. Made from flexible and hard-wearing silicone, this bowl is built to last.

Silicone is used by astronauts because of its strength and durability. Where we haven’t had the chance to test these bowls in space just yet, we have on this planet. Their durability and versatility are perfect for adventures into the wilderness. This bowl pops out with a flick and flattens with a squish. The grippy handles help you pick it up without touching your dog’s dinner. On the off chance your dog missed a spot, it wipes clean easily. Ready to go.
Ideal for travelling Collapsible Hard-wearing
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Dishwasher friendly. Wash regularly. These bowls are hardy but not chew proof. Supervise your dog as they enjoy their dinner.
Hard-wearing Silicone