Canine Enrichment: The Book Your Dog Needs You to Read – Shay Kelly


If your dog could choose a book for you to read it would surely be this one. Behaviorist, Shay Kelly shows you how to become your dog’s best friend by providing simple, fun activities to spark their mind and enrich their life. A lack of mental stimulation is a leading contributory factor in dog behavioural problems. Ensuring that our dog’s needs are met is the first step in avoiding and rectifying problematic behaviour. Shay’s practical approach and behaviour knowledge combine in this critically acclaimed book, to deliver practical, kind, and scientific advice. ~ What Dr Susan Friedman says about the book: I am so happy to have Shay Kelly’s book, “Canine Enrichment” to recommend to all animal caregivers. As I often say, animals are built to behave, not to be still; and, arranging the environment to facilitate meaningful behavior, that is, behavior that leads to strong positive reinforcers, is as necessary to behavioral well being as healthy food is to physical health. With this book, Mr. Kelly gives practical examples and ignites the imagination to result in endless possibilities to improve the lives of the learners in our care.~What Sara Sokol says about the book: Canine Enrichment: the book your dog needs you to read” is essential reading for any dog guardian who wants to provide their dog with the most satisfying, fun, and fulfilled life possible. Mr Kelly inspires and motivates the reader while educating them on the importance of providing enrichment to their canine companions. The result is a dog/human team who is physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilled and behaviorally at their best. As a dog trainer and behavior specialist, I am thrilled to have this book as a reference for my clients and provide a copy to all of my new clients.