Dexas Mud Buster


The Dexas MudBuster is a new, innovative and easy way to rinse your dog’s dirty or muddy paws, before they track it all over the house! Using the MudBuster is easy: muddy paws go in, clean paws come out!

Find the Mudbuster That is Perfect for Your Pup:

The MudBuster is made in three sizes, for comfort and convenience for a variety of dogs!

The Large MudBuster is perfectly sized for large and extra-large sized dogs: it measures 8.85 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide.

The Medium MudBuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs: it measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

The Small/Petite MudBuster is perfectly sized for smaller dogs: it measures 4.3 inches tall and 3.65 inches wide.


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