Empowerment Training for Your Power Dog: Unleash the Positive Potential in Bully and Mastiff Breeds, Pit Bulls, and Other Strong Dogs by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell


In her latest book, Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell turns to the subject of managing and training what she labels “Power Dogs.” This grouping includes dozens of breeds who were originally bred to hunt game or to protect people and their property, many of whom were also employed as fighting dogs. These are physically strong dogs relative to their size, usually with a mix of ancient Mastiff and Bulldog ancestry, and some have more recently been bred to Terriers as well. These dogs tend to be protective, tenacious, and often exhibit aggression toward other dogs, but at the same time are playful, energetic and smart. So what are the secrets to successful Power Dog ownership? First you need to know your individual dog’s traits and drives and then adopt a proactive management program to avoid situations where problems may arise.