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Foobler timed puzzle feeder for dogs.

Tis size is large with a diameter of approximately 15cm

The Foobler is a world first timed , self reloading puzzle feeder, proving upto 8 hours of fun, stimulation and reward. The foobler has six treats compartments and four timed settings, this can help keep your dog engaged for the day as and when the foobler rings and the treats are dispensed. You simply need to load the foobler with food or treats into the chambers and set the timing intervals. Once selected to either 15, 30, 60 or 90mins minutes the ball’s mechanical bell will chime and dispense one treat for your dog to interact with the foobler that will then release the treat. It is intially best to demonstrate the relationship between the bell sound and the reward that can follow once the dog interacts with the Foobler. You can hold the power button to immediatley ring the bell and dispense the next treat compartment. if your dog c

The Foobler is highly durable, that said please bear in mind this is not a chew toy, so if you dog shoes signs of trying to chew the Foobler please remove or supervise play. Moniter how your dog plays with the Foobler, if your dog continues to play aggresively once the treat compartment has been dispensed, remove it, hold down the power button to activate the next reat compartment and re-introduce to your dog. This will help to reinforce the association between the bell sound and the reward.

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