Haggis Medium Sausage.


These are a highly palatable, very meaty treat which are ideal for breaking up and using as a training treat. Used by many customers as a super tasty reward that dogs cant resist.

Similar to the incredibly popular black pudding treats but slightly different flavour, shorter and wider. Made with 100% meat. There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients so they are gluten free and super tasty! Manufactured in the UK to high standards this range of treats are a favourite!

  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Meat Treat
  • No Artificial Flavourings
  • High in Protein

Ingredients: Meat, Meat Derivatives, EEC Permitted Preservative.

Typical Analysis: Protein 28.0%, Oil 29.8%, Ash 8.1%, Fibre 1.6%, Moisture 26.7%

The sausages are sold individually.