‘The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog’ by Sasha Foster and Ashley Foster

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In ‘The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog: The Physical Therapy Approach’ , Sasha Foster MSPT and Ashley Foster CPDT apply the latest research in physiotherapy to dogs in order to help you learn to stretch your dog safely and effectively to prevent injuries, maintain joint integrity and improve your dogs fitness whether they’re an elite canine athlete or a lap dog.

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Over 300 photos and diagrams demonstrate the best way to stretch each major muscle group in great detail. Special emphasis is given to correct hand placement for joint stabilisation and how to maintain straight plane movement. Stretching routines are presented for both large and small dogs, older dogs and those who are involved in a variety of dog sports.

Learn more about:

  • How to read your dog’s body language and behaviour while stretching them.
  • Stretching your dog in such a way as not to hurt yourself while doing it.
  • 20 minute daily maintenance routines.
  • Do’s and don’t’s when stretching and when you need to consult with a vet.
  • Special considerations when stretching older dogs and small or toy breeds.