Helping Velcro Dogs Around The House and Teaching Them To Cope Home Alone – Webinar recording


Video recording of our Velcro Dogs Webinar, includes PDF of the slides. This was recorded on 23/3/21.
Does you puppy (or adult dog!) follow you around the home?
Do they scream the house down when you go upstairs?
Do you feel unable to leave them alone and are unsure of how to get started based on their inability to cope with you going to a different room?
Are you unsure how to start home alone training altogether?
If you haven’t left your new puppy alone yet then this seminar will help you get going.

This 2 hour seminar introduces the protocols on how to increase independence and gear up to help your dog cope home alone.

It doesn’t replace behaviour modification – so may be best suited to puppies who do not have additional behaviour issues alongside those covered in this seminar. However, for adult dogs this seminar may give you a head start while you await assessment with a behaviourist or concentrate on other issues.

If you’ve already tried home alone training with a behaviourist, this seminar may have some new pointers on things you can do to support the training. Be sure to communicate with anyone you have an existing working relationship with on anything new you are trying.

Always make sure your dog or puppy is free from pain taking them for a thorough a vet check prior to starting training.

Roz Pooley has a Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour and is a full CAB member of the APBC. She has ten years experience working with dogs and puppies, working with a broad range of problem behaviours in all breeds via vet referral.