How to Be a Concept Trainer: Shaping You Dog’s Personality Through Games – Tom Mitchell


Does your dog get so excited that he struggles to focus and process what you want him to do? Does he get frustrated when you are training a new exercise? Does he go into a new environment fearing that something scary may happen? These three differing scenarios, which can apply equally to performance dogs and companion dogs, are real barriers to learning, and can also tarnish your relationship with your dog. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In his new book, How to be a Concept Trainer, vet and behaviourist Tom Mitchell reveals his novel approach to training – and it’s all about playing games! Instead of tackling problems head-on, Tom has developed specific games which work on underlying emotional issues, and encourage dogs to make the ‘right’ decisions. Mitchell equips us with the tools to manipulate our dog’s mindset, turn negative traits into positive ones and finally reach their full potential!