Mikki Mighty Muzzle



*Secure fit, mold changes with warm water to a perfect fit.
*Extension to the Mikki Muzzle Range.
*Larger openings to Lap and drink.
*Strong material.
*Thick bars and maximum security.

Allow enough space for you to slide one finger inside the muzzle, round the side of your dog’s nose. This will enable them to pant, drink and for you to give titbits during training sessions. Practise putting the muzzle on, then reward and praise your dog to encourage it to relax. Secure the overhead strap to the collar or neck strap.

When first introducing the muzzle to your dog, only put it on for short periods of time, building up until it is used to it and comfortable with how they feel.

Make sure:

● You have the right size muzzle for your dog

● The muzzle is only used for safety and restraint – not punishment

● You do not use for prolonged periods or during strenuous exercise

● You do not leave your muzzled dog unattended



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The Mighty Muzzle is a tough, durable and comfortable basket muzzle that provides maximum safety. It will allow your dog to pant, drink and treat train with the uniquely designed bar spacing which forms the muzzle. This easily adjustable product comes with a webbed adjustable strap with high quality buckle, as well as a over-the-head chrome plated spring hook, to allow this muzzle to fit any sized neck. The neck strap is made from neoprene material to provide additional comfort for your dog. The muzzle also has a collar attachment to prevent your dog from pulling it off.