Minty Dog – Herbal Sprinkles


Minty dog Herbal Sprinkles from ‘The Holistic Pet Company’.

Each Sprinkle comes in a self-seal pouch, to keep the herbs fresh. Just add a ‘Sprinkle’, or half a teaspoonful, to your dog’s food every day (or as needed) to support their health easily and effectively. It’s as simple as that!

Each pouch of Sprinkles contains enough herbs for 30 days usage.



Minty dog is a herbal Sprinkle that promotes fresh, healthy breath. It can help with bad breath and supports oral and digestive health. With the help of some natural, Minty dog Sprinkle every day your dog doesn’t need to have doggy breath any more!

Traditional cleansing and detoxifying herbs have actions that help support a healthy and sweet smelling mouth and gums.

Composition: A blend of herbs including Mint, Sage and Parsley.

If your dog is unwell or on medication, please seek veterinary advise before using Sprinkles. Not for use with pregnant or nursing dogs.