Resource Guarding Webinar


** Please note, due to bandwidth issues there is a 10 minute interruption near the start of the webinar where I had to relocate in my house so the videos would play better, you should easily be able to scroll past this bit*

Does your dog or puppy grab an item and run off with it? Do they freeze and growl as you approach when they have an item? Do they quickly eat items before you can see what it was? Does your dog never give the toy back and practises guarding behaviours during play? Are you getting no-where teaching ‘drop’?

My puppy Mohawk showed the potential to be a massive resource guarder in videos of him at 5 weeks old, but also upon his arrival at 9 weeks old. Over 11 weeks I have gathered extensive video footage of me training Mohawk, showing you the process of how I can now manage him easily and safely.

This webinar will introduce puppy and dog owners on how to identify human directed resource guarding in its early stages, how to manage the behaviour and what training protocols can help.

This webinar does not replace behaviour modification. If your puppy or dog has a long-term resource guarding problem, has caused you injury when guarding and/or has additional behaviour problems it is strongly advisable to book in with a professional who works strictly via vet referral.
Roz holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour and is a full CAB member with The APBC.