Rocketo Dehydrated-RAW Whole-Insects Food


SAFE, EASY, NUTRITIOUS, REAL COMPLETE PET FOOD FOR DOGS OF ALL AGES AND BREEDS ROCKETO starts from certified organic, or ethically wild sourced ingredients. These ingredients are then gently air-dried at just under 40°C ensuring the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes remain intact and retaining all the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet. 1kg of Rocketo hydrates to 4kg of food!

• Organic, Non-toxic Ingredients

• Responsible Farming or Game Protein

• Dehydrated Raw

• Low in carbs

• Quality & Ethics Standards

• Green Manufacturing Partners


Dehydrated black soldier larvae and dehydrated crickets (69%), dehydrated organic coconut, dehydrated organic apples, dehydrated beef livers, organic chia seeds, brewer’s yeast, dehydrated organic parsley, dehydrated organic kelp, dehydrated red algae, dehydrated shiitake mushrooms.

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