The Clothier Natural Jumping Method – Suzanne Clothier


The original, proven system for teaching dogs to jump safely & correctly -naturally! In use since 1989, this method was developed to help canine athletes meet the incredible demands of agility. Used to successfully train thousands of dogs across the country, and is recommended by trainers, handlers, obedience & agility judges. Ideal for starting a novice dog, this method has helped countless dogs overcome their jumping problems and go on to achieve or finish advanced titles. Though often imitated, this is the only method that systematically develops and refines the complex skills every dog needs to be a confident, correct jumper. A 16 week program takes the dog from the basics to advanced jumping skills such as long & short striding, bounces, irregular distances, diagonal approaches and more. Emphasis is placed on proper conditioning – physical and mental – and the development of proper jumping style to minimize the risk of injury or the long term effects of incorrect jumping form. Originally designed for the agility dog, this method is also perfect for teaching the skills your dog needs in the obedience or Schutzhund ring.