Trixie Paste 110g


Need a quick and easy high value treat?! Whip one of these tasty pastes out and you’re good to go! Even the fussiest of dogs seem to love this.

Ideal for for harness training, recall, muzzle training, administering medication, sealing Kongs, LickiMats and you can even use a little to mix in their food.

We also sell tube guards, which are great so your pup doesn’t bite through it, making it less messy to use.

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  • Composition: salmon, fish and fish by-products (all salmon, 35%), rape oil, milk protein powder, egg protein
  • Analytical constituents: fat content 17.2%, protein 11.3%, crude ash 0.8%, crude fibre 0.04%, moisture 69.5%


  • Composition: meat and animal by-products (85% of which, 52% beef), meat stock, rape oil, potato fibre, inulin, vegetables (spices)
  • Analytical constituents: protein 14.3%, fat 26.3%, crude fibre 0.1%, crude ash 1.2%, moisture 55.8%


  • Composition: meat and animal by-products (all from pork, 85%), meat stock, rapeseed oil, gelatin, pea fibre, vegetables (herbs, spices), glucose syrup
  • Analytical constituents: protein 15.3%, fat 26.3%, crude fibre 0.9%, crude ash 1.8%, moisture 53.7%