Virtual Harness Fitting Service




If you want to avoid accidentally picking the wrong style or size of harness and dodge the return and replacement postage costs and time spent too-ing and fro-ing, this option will suit you!

1. Pay for this virtual product
2. Email the following information:

Pictures of your dog:
– From above (looking down)
– From the front (looking at their front-chest)
– From the side (so we can see the length of their body)

Measurements of the following:
– Your dog’s neck (measure the widest bit at the bottom of their neck, as this is where the harness should sit- on their clavical)
– Your dog’s rib cage at the widest point (this should be about the width of your hand away from their armpit)

Your preferred colour or pattern of harness (If you have a specific brand or style let us know).

Your maximum budget.

Any other relevant information:
– Your dog has escaped from their existing harness.
– They dislike having their harness go over their head.
– They flinch when the sound of the clasp is done up.

3. We’ll then email you links to the most suited style for your dog’s body and shape.
4. When you buy the harness, we will set it at the size we think your dog needs to try and make the initial fitting process easier
for you both.
5. You can send pictures to us to check the fitting and suggest what adjustments need to be made.

Video tutorial on putting a harness on in a low-stress way available on request.

This fee is non-refundable should you decide to refund the harness.