Claire is a senior veterinary Nurse with over 15 years experience in the veterinary profession and joined team Mutty in 2018. Her passion for animal behaviour and emotional welfare has always been at the forefront of her career, attending numerous courses, conferences and workshops with experts in the field of behaviour since 2013. She has had the opportunity to shadow many of the leading behaviourists in the area, including RCVS, American and European specialist in companion animal behaviour, veterinary behaviourist Dr Sagi Denenberg at University of Bristol’s Langford Animal Behaviour Referral Clinic.

Claire is currently in the final year of her degree in applied animal behaviour through the University of Portsmouth, is a qualified Karen Pryor Puppy Start right instructor and a Fear Free Certified Professional. She lives in South Gloucestershire with Yorkshire Terrier Benji, who came to live with her at 7 years of age and can be credited with teaching her the most about problem behaviours, and her 3 cats Kizzy, Forrest Gump and Mango. Outside of her nursing career and training dogs, Claire enjoys combining her love for volunteering, travelling and animals, previously volunteering for StreetVet in Bristol and working overseas in the Cook Islands at the islands veterinary clinic and in Australia caring for baby kangaroos and wallabies.

Claire’s CPD

Behaviour CPD Log


  • Debra Horowitz – Quadam Canine Aggression (19 hrs Online course)
  • APBC Brenda Aloff – Aggression in dogs (Webinar)


  • Coursera University of Edinburgh – Animal Behaviour and Welfare Course (7 weeks Online course)
  • Sarah Whitehead – Learn to talk dog, the signs of pre-emptive aggression (Webinar)


  • Karen Pryor Academy – Puppy start right instructors course (18hrs Online course)
  • Animal Events UK Dr Muriel Brasseur – Behaviour and training clinic 2 day seminar
  • Dr Helen Zulch – Puppy life skills 1 day seminar
  • Dr Sagi Denenberg Langford Veterinary Behaviour Clinic – Common Canine and Feline behavioural problems 1 day seminar
  • APBC Dr Susan Friedman-Understanding, predicting and changing behaviour (Webinar)
  • Chirag Patel – Separation anxiety (Webinar)
  • Sarah Whitehead forbidden topics of play,sex and conflict (Webinar)
  • PPG Yvette Van Veen – How to improve your shaping mechanics (Webinar)
  • PPG Yvette Van Veen – How to improve your targeting mechanics (Webinar)
  • PPG Alexandra Santos How to teach your dog a solid Recall (Webinar)


  • Animal Events UK Dr Muriel Brasseur – Separation anxiety 2 day seminar
  • Animal Events UK Dr Muriel Brasseur – Fear and aggression 2 day workshop
  • Dr Simon Gadbois – Olfactory, learning and Neuroscience 1 day seminar
  • Chirag Patel – Expanding your force free toolkit 1 day workshop
  • Bristol Neuroscience Festival
  • Rosie Bescoby – Common Feline behaviour problems seminar
  • Fenzi Dog academy – Yes Please! Co-operative care for Canines (6 weeks online course)
  • Chirag Patel – Expanding your force free toolkit 1, 2 & 3 (Webinars)
  • Society of veterinary behavior technicians – Making Fear free a reality (Webinar)
  • PPG Patience Fisher – Preventing unwanted feline behaviours (Webinar)


  • Woof! The animal behaviour and training conference – Various speakers 3 days
  • Bob Bailey – Operant conditioning 4 day workshop
  • ISFM – The role of the nurse in managing problem behaviour (Webinar)
  • Kay Attwood – Platforms workshop 1 day
  • PDTI Conference Dr Daniel Mills – The role of pain in a range of behaviour problems, tackling the issue of social organisation in dogs and the emotional basis to aggressive behaviour 1 day seminar
  • APBC conference – Understanding and managing over arousal in dogs, various speakers 1 day
  • Sagi Denenberg Langford Veterinary Behaviour Clinic – Nurse Day Behaviour in companion animals 1 day seminar
  • The school of canine science Jo rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown – Dog to Dog Aggression 2 day workshop
  • Kay Attwood – Top of the class 1 day workshop
  • Kamal Fernandez – Reactivity, empowering the dog, dispelling the myths 1 day workshop
  • TAGteach mini course – How to surcharge your learning environment and teach people. (Online)
  • Coursera University of Edinburgh – The Truth About Cats and Dogs course (5 weeks Online)
  • Bina lunzer – Loose lead walking (Webinar)
  • Absolute Dogs – Loose lead walking (Webinar)
  • Dr Karen Overall – Veterinary behaviour conference 3 day


  • EdX Courses Clive Wynne Arizona state university – Dog Behaviour: Problems and Solutions (3 weeks Online)
  • Jane Ardern – Controlling crazy canines kindly 2 day workshop
  • Dr Helen Zulch – Reactivity in dogs 1 day seminar
  • Sian Ryan – Self Control 1 day workshop
  • Jonathan Bloom DVM – Fear free practice 1 day seminar
  • Leslie Mcdevitt – Control Unleashed 2 day workshop
  • Dr Susan Friedman – Living and learning with animals applied behaviour analysis 3 day workshop
  • Brenda Aloff – Canine body language 2 day seminar
  • Chirag Patel – Low stress handling for dog grooming, veterinary and healthcare procedures 1 day workshop
  • Jane Ardern – Stop, Come, Click: Predatory chase 2 day workshop


  • Monthly clinical behaviour meetings at Bristol University
  • School of Canine Science – Puppy Lab (12hrs Online)
  • Fear Free Veterinary Professional Certification (9hrs Online)
  • APBC Dr Daniel Mills – Impulsivity (Webinar)
  • APBC Dr Helen Zulch – medical conditions affecting behaviour (Webinar)
  • APBC Sara Davies – Constructing a training plan using classical conditioning (Webinar)
  • APBC Sara Davies – Constructing a training plan using operant conditioning (Webinar)
  • Dr Nick Thompson – Brains, Bowls and Balls -The role of feeding and hormones on the brain and behaviour (Webinar)
  • PPG Gosia Wozniak – Total Recall (Webinar)
  • Woof! The animal training and behaviour conference Various speakers 4 days
  • Animal Events UK Dr Muriel Brasseur – Resource Guarding 1 day seminar
  • CEVA Nurse behaviour day 1 day seminar
  • BVBA Study day various speakers 1 day
  • Laura Monaco Torelli & Linda Ryan RVN – Husbandry and co operative care 2 day workshop
  • Dr Kevin McPeake & Chirag Patel – Understanding, managing & modifying problem behaviours and the indication of psychopharmacy 2 day workshop
  • Kay Laurence – The art of luring 2 day workshop
  • Kay Laurence – Clean Training 2 day workshop
  • Kay Laurence – Understanding reinforcement 2 day workshop
  • Clicker Expo Luminos Conference– various speakers 3 days


  • Aggression in dogs conference 3 days various speakers Online
  • Pet Professional Guild Geek Week conference 5 days various speakers Online
  • Fenzi Academy Lemonade Conference 3 days various speakers Online
  • Dr Kathy Murphy – Neuroscience Deep Dive sensory integration Webinar
  • Dr Karen Overall – Separation Anxiety 3 x webinar


  • APBC Phantom Pregnancy: The Silent Killer Online webinar
  • APBC Dogs and Carbs: Its complicated
  • APBC Adolescence in Dogs: From Brain to Behaviour
  • Chirag Patel – 7 day Puppy Instructor Course