For four years I worked full time as a dog walker for my own business and walking thousands of groups of dogs put me in a great position to observe them and intensively learn about their behaviour. Seven years ago I adopted a Thai street dog and I credit her for advancing my understanding of canine body language and behaviour.
I’ve been working as a behaviourist since 2012. I have been a guest speaker for CAM, The APBC and have ran seminars and workshops across the UK and in the Czech Republic. I am currently working on preparing my Master’s Degree research project for publishing and also occassionally write for veterinary journals, resulting in one peer-reviewed article!

I actively keep myself up to date with modern research on canine behaviour by attending various courses, seminars and conferences. Some of my practical CPD is listed below, this does not include theory based seminars/webinars for which there are too many to list. I have to actively keep up CPD for my membership with The APBC and IAABC.

  • MSc (Merit) in Clinical Animal Behaviour with The University of Edinburgh
  • Full Member of The APBC (Clinical Animal Behaviourist)
  • Certified Member of the IAABC (Dog Division)
  • Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC
  • A diploma (merit) in canine aggression with Compass Education
  • A diploma (merit) in canine behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies
  • A diploma in canine applied zoopharmacognosy
  • A certificate for seven days up close and personal tuition with the Norweigan dog expert Turid Rugaas.
  • A certificate of attendance for 3 days study at Turid Rugaas’ dog trainer school in the Netherlands (Focus of unit reactivity & stress).
  • A Certificate for full attendance at the Sheila Harper IDBTS 2013-2014
  • Two day Foundation Tracking workshop with Pat Tagg
  • Two day dog-dog Tracking workshop with Pat Tagg
  • Certificate of attendance for the Life Skills for Puppies course (with The University of Lincoln)
  • Certificate for Completion of Level 1, 2 & 3 Practical Training Skills with Chirag Patel (Chicken Workshop)
  • Certificate for Completion of Practical Skills 4 day workshop with Chirag Patel and the legendary Bob Bailey
  • Certificate of attendance for the 7 day puppy instructor course with Chirag Patel
  • Certificate of attendance for the 5 day practical ABA (applied behaviour analysis course) with Susan Friedman and Chirag Patel at Yorkshire Wildlife Park (working with exotic species).
  • 5 days training experience at Heythrop Zoological Gardens working with a variety of exotic animals
  • Two day husbandry workshop with Chirag Patel
  • Two day ‘biology of behaviour’ practical workshop with Kay Laurence
  • 5/6 days completed with Amber Batson on Canine Aggression (couldn’t attend the final day due to senior dog issues!).
  • Canine first aid certificate (repeated multiple times)
  • Canine Emmett practioner Levels 1,2, & 3 (EP1, EP2, EP3)

    A Link to Roz’s Veterinary Journal Article on Geriatric dogs is here
    A Link to Roz’s peer-reviewed article in Taylor and Francis Veterinary journal is here