14247890_615913528587300_240839419_oIt can be embarrassing and incredibly upsetting when your dog lunges and barks at other dogs, people, cars, bikes, cats etc. It’s also very stressful for your dog and even stressful for those on the receiving end of their behaviour.
Roz & Claire frequently work with reactive dogs to help them learn to choose more socially acceptable behaviours. We have a team of helper dogs and human assistants at the ready to assist in training when necessary.

To tackle the problem effectively an intensive and thorough behaviour modification program is offered:

  • In depth assessment and individualised training plans
  • Written report and extensive hand outs along with video tutorials where appropriate
  • The option for frequent sessions with other dogs/people
  • Ongoing support
  • We try to avoid doing one-off sessions, as few problems can be resolved in an instant. If you are cautious of booking a package please let us know and we can discuss options with you.

Vet Referral: Required, most vets are happy to fill in the form if they’ve seen your dog recently.
Areas Covered: Bristol and North Somerset

Two options are available
Assessment & Follow up: £350.00 (including VAT), average time 3-4.5 hours total
Pay per session (after initial assessment and first follow up) £50 per hour (including VAT)
Over Reactivity Package:  £550.00 (including VAT). Includes assessment, a total of six practical  sessions and intensive coaching with email/phone support. Average time 8-9 hours in total.
Contact: roz@themuttyprofessor.co.uk

As qualified professionals our costs may be covered by your insurance.

Your VET REFERRAL FORM can be found here.