zoopharma-boxThe fascinating therapy of animal self selection or self-medicating.  Zoopharmacognosy is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the wild on a daily basis. Applied Zoopharmacognosy is the practise of bringing a range of natural remedies to a captive or domesticated animal so they are given the opportunity to medicate themselves from nature’s pharmacy.
Using a range of nutrients, macerated oils, essential oils and other plant based remedies known for their medicinal properties a practitioner offers remedies to an animal, reading their body language responses to determine what selections they are making, how much they need and how they need it to be administered.

Self selection is a fantastic tool that can improve mental and physical health, often playing a part in the progress of behaviour or physical problems.

Roz is a qualified practitioner for Applied  Zoopharmacognosy in dogs only, completing Caroline Ingraham’s diploma course in 2016.

Whilst Applied Zoopharmacognosy works well alongside conventional treatment, it does not replace it.
Therefor it is important to see your vet about any health issue or see a qualified professional for any behaviour issue.

Areas Covered: Bristol and North Somerset
Price: £40 per hour including remedies selected