14247890_615913528587300_240839419_oIt can be embarrassing and upsetting when your dog lunges and barks at other dogs, people, cars, bikes, cats etc. It’s very stressful for your dog and can be scary or even dagnerous for those on the receiving end of the behaviour.
Roz and Emily frequently work with reactive dogs to help them learn to choose more socially acceptable behaviours. We have a team of helper dogs and a growing helper dog & owner directory to assist in training when necessary, helping dogs create a ‘circle of friends’.

As Roz Pooley is a full member of the APBC and mentors Emily, our costs are covered by most insurers. However, below we show the time and resources involved at each step of the behaviour modification process to help clients understand our pricing and how the total fee breaks down into an hourly rate.

  • Once paperwork is submitted clients get advanced/pre-assessment advice to get them going. This serves to help clients cope with the long waiting lists with clinical behaviourists. (Pre-assessment notes 45-60 minutes).
  • Travel (30-45 minutes each way).
  • In-depth assessment and individualised training plans (Assessment duration 1.5-2 hours).
  • Personalised written report, vet liaison, and extensive hand-outs along with video tutorials where appropriate (Report writing and vet liaison 1-2 hours).
  • Ongoing support via email or Whatsapp for 3 months after the last session held (2-3 hours).
  • All clients receive unlimited access to resources featured in our ‘webinars and handouts’ online shop.

We encourage two sessions as a minimum as few problems can be resolved with one session. We are able to see clients for ongoing sessions to help keep the momentum up with training.

If you’re not sure we are for you or you are worried you cannot afford a behaviourist,  Roz creates affordable learning resources for the general public. You can purchase our webinar or hand-out on over reactive behaviour here.

Vet Referral: Required, most vets are happy to complete the form if they have seen your dog recently. If they have not seen your dog recently you will need to take your dog for a check up.
Areas Covered: Bristol, Bath and North Somerset
Insurance: As a full member of the APBC our work is likely covered by your insurance. Claims are included in our prices below. Generally, making a claim on your policy for behaviour problems should not affect your premium.

Included in the prices listed below.
Standard Assessment £370.00-£420.00 (including VAT) depending on which behaviourist you see.
Pre-assessment advice, in-person assessment, full written behaviour report and hand-outs, vet liaison and three months support.
This is appropriate for cases who want ongoing support, a complex behaviour problem (such as intense over reactivity or abnormal repetitive behaviours) or who have multiple behaviour problems.
First Follow up: £120.00 (including VAT) based on 1.5-2 hours.
Pay per session (after initial assessment and first follow up) £60 per hour (including VAT). 10% off if three purchased at once.
Basic Assessment: £270.00- £320.00  (including VAT) depending on which behaviourist you see.
Pre-assessment advice, in-person session (1-2 hours), basic notes and hand-outs, vet liaison and two weeks maximum support to give clarity on protocols.
This option suits dogs with one problem behaviour (rather than multiple) that is somewhat straight-forward in nature. For example, a dog who barks at children when on lead, but is otherwise problem-free in all contexts. It also suits clients who would like clinical behaviour input on whether neutering is appropriate for their dog.
If medication is recommended, then a support upgrade must be purchased (for £30.00) so we can continue to monitor your dog and maintain contact with your veternarian. Support is continued and extended to 3 months with additional follow up sessions purchased.

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