Want to train your dog but can’t commit week in week out? Then our flexi classes will be right up your street!

Two simple steps:

1) Sign up and pay the £15.00 registration fee. This fee will not need renewing, once you register- that’s it!  We’ll then send you your 30 page digital book and training manual. This includes a whopping 16 video tutorials along with written instructions. These will help get you prepped and psyched for classes.

2) Choose which classes you’d like to attend and pay as you go. Classes are a mere £10.00 each.

In class we will cover exercises such as: loose lead walking, stay/wait, leave it, drop, handling (nail trimming, grooming), targeting, recall, food manners, retrieve, pose for a photo, wave and other fun tricks. You’ll also be given the opportunity to request some exercises that you are keen to learn.

Join us on a science based positive reinforcement focused training journey. We create a fun and safe learning environment for you and your pooch! There will be one head trainer and an assistant trainer or two on each course, so you’ll get loads of coaching.
Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Minimum age of dog for attendance: 6 months

NB: We regret that we can not accommodate dogs with significant behaviour problems such as: over reactivity (excessive barking towards people or dogs), fearful or highly anxious behaviour. We can make some provisions for dogs who have low-level behaviour problems and who will be able to focus and feel comfortable in the class context. However, classes are not advisable as a first port of call for behaviour modification. We will be happy to help you with this on a one-one basis.

STEP 1: Registration

Step 2: Choose your classes