Want to train your dog but unable to committ to a full course? Have no fear, we offer one off classes.
Join us on a science based positive reinforcement focused training journey. To give you a head start you’ll be sent our book on dog training with some video tutorials included. We create a fun and safe learning environment for you and your pooch. There will be one head trainer and an assistant trainer each course, so you’ll get loads of coaching.
Maximum of 4 dogs per class.
Minimum age of dog for attendance: 5 months
Location: 122 West Street BS33LT
Cost: £15 per 1 hour class

NB: We regret that we can not accommodate dogs with significant behaviour problems such as: over reactivity (excessive barking towards people or dogs), fearful or highly anxious behaviour. We can make some provisions for dogs who have low-level behaviour problems and who will be able to focus and feel comfortable in the class context. However, classes are not advisable as a first port of call for behaviour modification. We will be happy to help you with this on a one-one basis.

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