TrainingWe enjoy teaching dogs every day skills that will keep them calm and safe. We use modern and science based methods focused on positive reinforcement.

Exercises and behaviours we often teach are: Settle on a mat, Hand Target, Stay, Leave it, not jumping up, walking on a loose leash, husbandry (nail trimming, grooming, having the harness put on, staying still for vaccinations/ear drops/eye drops etc), not counter surfing or begging for food, not rushing out of doorways and responding to recall.

Vet Referral: Not required unless deemed necessary on initial inquiry.

Areas Covered: All of Bristol and North Somerset

£55.00 per hour (including VAT), average time 1.5-2 hours.
Training Package: Includes a total of 3 hours of sessions £150.00 (including VAT)
What you also get: Prices include ongoing email support and a 28 page digital book on training that includes a whopping 16 video training tutorials.