At present we do not work with exclusive separation anxiety cases.

This means if your dog is fine in all other aspects of their behaviour, other than when they are alone, we are unable to offer help at this point.

We have some wonderful colleagues who provide effective online training programs with Separation Anxiety such as Ingrid Haskell, Michelle Lord at Co-evolve and Jodie at JG Behaviour.

Please check out their websites, or the APBC and ABTC list of behaviourists for more information.

In the meantime, Roz’s webinar on Velcro Dogs and Home Alone Training is available to buy on the online shop for just £12.00 and may help you get started. It can be purchased here.

If your dog has multiple behaviour problems where you will likely need in-person or local support- get in touch via email! Please see the “behaviour problem consultations” page.