How to stop your dog jumping up at people during greetings?

The answer to this question lies within rephrasing it. It should be…. “How do I stop people over stimulating or overwhelming my puppy? ( which causes them to jump)”. Undoubtedly, some dogs may jump up at people regardless of what the people are doing, and here a longline should be deployed to prevent approach and practise of the behaviour. But … Read More

What to train and when to train

WHAT TO TRAIN YOUR PUPPY? WHEN TO TRAIN YOUR PUPPY? Applies to rescue dogs also, and much of the content is applies to all training scenarios) SETTLING IN PERIODStress inhibits learning (and appetite) so your puppy may need some time to adjust to their new home after relocating. FROM THE GET GO, REINFORCE WHAT YOU LIKETune into unprompted behaviours you … Read More

The Emotional Rollercoaster and Challenges of Raising a Puppy

Breaking news – raising a puppy is time consuming, not to mention being physically and mentally tough. I think most people are aware it requires effort. This post provides a reality check to those thinking about getting a puppy and reassurance to those with a puppy- it can take a huge emotional and physical toll on you. Over the past … Read More

Those first few days with your puppy…..

Setting the foundations for a happy puppy! I’m coping (just about) during the first few days….Mohawk is on day three and we’re all figuring things out. Here are some things we have been working on…… 1) Toilet TrainingThe pressure is off with this. It’s really not a race and there’s no ‘normal’ for when pups get this nailed. Stress from … Read More

Prepping for your puppy’s arrival!

Are you getting a puppy soon? So am I!! The countdown has begun and the past few days have been a mission of getting everything prepared. I’ve tried to think of everything to make the transition for  my cat and dogs easy whilst also making the first few days and weeks as stress free as possible for the puppy and … Read More

Socialising your puppy

The sensitive socialisation phase is during 5-16 weeks of age, but this window starts to ‘close’ 12 weeks onwards. Robust individuals may be relatively unaffected by delayed social opportunities, but for many puppies it’s crucial to start exposing them to the world you want them to occupy as soon as possible, after an initial settling in period in their new … Read More


Whether your dog is in recall practise, has a high prey drive, needs reassurance or is over reactive towards other dogs- knowing how to use a long line can make all the difference! Long lines should always be attached to a harness, never a collar as dogs can get whiplash if they hit the end of the lead at spead. … Read More

Choosing a puppy

CHOOSING A PUPPY! The common science (common sense + science) approach! Cranking open this can of worms because……well…..I have a secret to share. I am gearing up to get my first puppy! It’s not yet 100% set in stone as anything can happen (the bitch is currently pregnant) and if something goes wrong- I’m not going to look for an … Read More

Emergency Firework Advise

Emergency firework advise: – GIve your dog a slightly larger meal than normal (the pasta dinner effect). Caution with deep chested dogs or those who become nauseous when anxious.- If there’s a central room to your house (surrounded by walls), move there with your pets. Even if this is the bathroom! – Move the TV so it is positioned infront … Read More

Owning a Senior Dog / Managing a dog with CCD

Some of our long standing followers will know of Denzel, my (Roz) senior dog. I got Denzel as a rescue in the first year of business, in 2010. At the time he was aged as 4-5, which makes him currently a whopping 13-14 years of age! And he’s still going!! Slowing down but still very much here! Not bad for … Read More