“When used correctly……”

“When used correctly……..” This phrase comes up time and time again when those who advocate for the use of aversive dog training methods and tools try and come across as ethical. “When used correctly” are empty words. It’s a non-descriptive phrase. It gives the reader/viewer NOTHING to measure- other than the trainer’s own opinion of their skill. This is highly … Read More

It’s adaptive for dogs to hide pain….unless you’re a greyhound!

I joke about greyhounds, they can also often hide chronic pain well. It’s their acute pain response and that is notorious (The greyhound scream of death!) Whilst it’s difficult to hide an acute pain response, chronic pain is often easier to adapt to and hide. Whilst we may learn to function with it, it can still have an impact on … Read More

RESOURCE GUARDING: Why we should be cautious of trade/swapsies.

💥 RESOURCE GUARDING IN DOGS 💥Even ‘swapsies’ / trading has the potential to make it worse. Amigo has suddenly taken a huge interest in toys. He will clamp and hold them, and becomes conflicted when he has them because he anticipates interest in the toy. He even attempts to create predictability by parading the item, as if goading us to … Read More


💊 PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATIONS 💊 There is a stigma that surrounds the use of psychoactive medication for dogs, which can result in some dogs being denied support that can make a huge difference to their welfare. Much of the criticism of psychoactive medication for dogs comes from a place of being misinformed.Although, I agree that in some cases they can be … Read More

Home Alone Training Tips

SETTLING IN A NEW RESCUE DOG HOME ALONE TRAINING (Applies to puppies too!) Rescues can be vulnerable to struggling home alone due to hyper attachment to their ‘rescuer’- which is often the person who was their first contact out of the shelter or their primary handler and carer (the person who does the lion’s share). Having a multi dog household … Read More


👤 Have you ever felt uncomfortable for having someone standing up-close behind you?👤 Have you experienced a state of anticipation for being approached by someone unfamiliar?👤 Have you ever felt anxious for being/feeling followed?👤 Have you ever struggled to disengage from a conversation with someone you don’t know, for fear of upsetting them? It takes a lot of confidence to … Read More

Do you like small talk?

Imagine only ever having small talk with other people, never getting the opportunity to have more personal conversations with those you have an established relationship with. For some of you who are less relaxed talking to friends and family on the phone, you may have experienced having limited diaglogue with people across the past two years- as we moved in … Read More

Why isn’t my dog’s behaviour improving?

1. The dog’s internal environment isn’t at optimum. To support future learning our dogs need to be: Pain/Discomfort free (Skeletal, Muscular, Skin and Digestive issues) Low Stress. Positive or negative, too high levels of stress have a big impact on the body and mind. Well Rested. Your adult dog needs 12-16 hours of quality rest and sleep a day! It’s … Read More

Tips on running with your dog

🏃‍♂️ RUNNING WITH YOUR DOG 🏃‍♀️ Mohawk is now 14 months old and as of last week we started to introduce him to running with us. 💪 Exercise needs to be carefully built up! He’s an active dog so is already fit, but running at our pace may inhibit self-regulation (sniffing, checking in, slowing down). We started with 3k for … Read More