Getting Routine Right

When I do a behaviour consultation or training session, I assess the dog’s life from all angles, and this always involves looking at their routine. Often to help dogs respond to behaviour modification I suggest tweaking their routine. These tweaks give consideration to the natural behaviour of the dog as a species and their physiology and health (and how it … Read More

Does your dog really want a tummy rub?

Does your dog REALLY want a tummy rub? Our puppy class attendees are asked to give 5 body language observations as part of their homework, and every month we get numerous owners saying ‘lies/rolls over for a tummy rub’. The common misconception that dogs rolling over want a tummy rub is sadly a contributing factor to dog bites, unaware dog … Read More

What should you look for in a pet care service?

What should you look for in a pet care service? (long post alert!) Here at Mutty Professor we are passionate about providing top notch pet care and we like working alongside others who do also. Any one can set up as a dog walker, and I (Roz) did over 7 years ago with no qualifications and very basic experience. I … Read More

Fussy eaters & grazers!

**This article featured on  the UKs top canine nutrition site. It was reviewed and endorsed by the website’s creator, David Jackson, who stated: “It’s a great article and raises some interesting issues that I don’t think many have considered before.” FUSSY EATERS! This post applies to dogs and cats, so read on if your pet doesn’t eat all of … Read More


If the answer is yes, read on….. (just be warned that there is a fair amount of poo talk on this post! But as dog owners, my guess is you probably talk about their poo all day already) COPRAPHAGIA is when dog’s eat their own or other dogs poo. Contrary to some belief, this is not generally a normal behaviour, … Read More

The crate debate- to crate or not to crate

Crate training has become the norm in today’s society. I find many clients refer to crating as if it is something all dog owners should be doing, and this is no surprise considering so much literature on dog training refers to crate training as if it’s the only way to toilet train a puppy and prevent it from destroying the … Read More

How to handle mouthing/biting behaviour in puppies (and dogs)

The most common issue I am asked about in puppy classes in biting. “How do I get my puppy to stop biting me?” Puppies can bite for a few reasons: -Teething -Exploration (because they don’t have hands, they tend to pick up and feel things with their mouth!) -Play -Frustration -Defensive/offensive (more often defensive) During play puppies will or should … Read More