The Mutty Professor Shop

We have a shop premises you can visit at 122 West Street, BS33LT.

If you need to contact us, please call our shop number and a member of staff will assist you. If you cannot get through to us, feel free to leave a text or email and we will reply as quick as possible. Please do not leave a voicemail.

Please book your harness/coat or muzzle fitting appointment here, priority is given to those who have booked an appointment.

If your dog is nervous of other dogs and/or people please consider whether bringing them instore is best for your dog and those around them. We can recommend and fit harnesses from pictures and you can exchange if not right.

FAULTY HARNESS OR LEAD? Please read this post and check it has definitely not been chewed.  If you are confident it hasn’t been chewed please return it instore or via post for us to look at. We are happy to refund or replace faulty items, but may need to contact manufacturers for a second opinion. If you are not sure whether your item is faulty or not, you can always email in some pictures.

Pay a booking fee which will be deducted from the cost of the harness purchased. If a harness isn’t purchased, then the booking fee is kept. This is because we have historically had some people take up staff time and knowledge trying on multiple harnesses, only to then openly state they will purchase the harness in a different colour on Amazon! This fee aims to ensure people do not take up our time and keep others waiting if they are unsure whether they even want to purchase our harnesses. Our ranges are so extensive now, it is highly unusual for us to have a design that does not work for a dog’s shape. We can order in colours/sizes that are out of stock.

If you do not book a harness fitting then you will need to wait until the next free slot. A £5 fee will need to be paid before fitting begins, with the same conditions as those who book online. We are now limiting harness fittings to one at a time in store so to reduce waiting times for people outside or so the extra staff member can attend to the phone or deliveries. We may make exceptions should we be unusually quiet. However, we feel the shop is too small for two fittings to be happening at one time. Booking online is advisable, as on some days we non-stop do harness fittings.

You can either opt for a hands off harness fitting (where we talk you through it) or have us fit it but with owners maintaining social distance throughout. Your choice should be based on your dog’s emotional welfare (whether you fumbling with a harness for the first time is less stressful than them being handled by a stranger 1-2 metres away from their primary care giver).

Please keep your dog waiting in the car (especially if they are puppy or if they are sensitive/reactive) and check we are ready to do a fitting for you before bringing them in.

We practise what we preach and strictly stock items and foods that we are happy to use on our own pets.
This includes quality biologically appropriate food, chews and treats, of which we stock a large range of raw (frozen), dry and wet food for dogs and cats. All of our dog toys are considered safe for use and we only stock non-toxic plastics.

We strongly endorse positive reinforcement training and stock a large range of products that will help you positively reinforce your pooch!

We excel in giving top notch nutrition advise. Brands we stock:

RAW: Natural Instinct, Nutriment, Natures Menu, Wolf Tucker, Wilsons and Henley Raw.
DRY: Akela, Eden, Forthglade, Simpsons, Rocketo, Millies Wolfheart, Barking Heads
WET: Natures Menu, Akela, Eden, Millies Wolfheart, Simpsons, Forthglade


MONDAY:  Normal hours 10-5
TUESDAY: Normal hours 10-5
WEDNESDAY: Normal hours 10-5
THURSDAY: Normal hours 10-5
FRIDAY: Normal hours 10-5
SATURDAY: Normal hours 10-5

SUNDAY: Closed

In Store Returns Policy: No refunds, exchange or credit only. Items must be as-new, with all tags attached. Deposits for specific orders are non-refundable or done so at our discretion. Food items non-returnable.

Online Shop Returns Policy: Items are sent by recorded mail. Please view the Terms & Conditions list at the bottom of this page. Food items non-returnable. Email or phone in to book in your return. You must cover return postage and adequately package items for transport. Items must be as-new with original tags attached to 122 West Street, BS33LT. We recommend you send it recorded mail as we cannot cover the cost of returned items being lost in transit.

PACKAGING: Due to trying to reduce our impact on the planet we use recycled/reused packaging to send out online orders. It may not look fancy, but the main thing is your goods will be protected from damage. Please do be aware your order may arrive in a clean and reused box!

We aim to ship orders within 3 working days. Please bear in mind we are a small store with a small workforce, so delays may be caused by staff sickness or long post office queues we are unable to spend time in that day.