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Despite lock down we will continue to work as we come under essential services. This lists our opening hours and incoming stock. Please note Thursday closure for the day.
**Please do not text us**. Texts take more time to respond to and facebook messages are also coming last in line.
– If your order is Eden, Millies or Akela we can process this via email/BACSso please use this channel to free up the phone for other orders. This applies to collection and delivery for those brands.
– All other orders for delivery need to be emailed first, then we will check stock, prep and call for payment. Please leave your phone number, your address and what you’d like.
– All other orders for collection please call. Please make sure you know exactly what you need so the call is as smooth as possible. The line is incredibly busy and the network is still being a git bag and disconnecting sometims. We are struggling to answer all calls so please considering emailing (as above) to
– You can come and knock on the door and order over the threshold if you wish to collect, we are able to run card payments in store. Just please ensure you know what you would like to minimise waiting time and stand to the side of the main pavement to free up space for people walking past.
TUESDAY: Normal hours 10-5
Deliveries expected: Millies wolfheart, maybe Akela but unlikely
WEDNESDAY: Normal hours 10-5
Deliveries expected: Akela
THURSDAY: Close 100% for business. No calls or emails- none of us will be looking at anything work related this day, we all really need to recharge. Please plan your food orders and collections around this day.
FRIDAY: Normal hours 10-5
Deliveries expected: Eden, Nat Instinct, Millies round 2
SATURDAY: Normal hours 10-5
SUNDAY: Closed

We have a shop premises you can visit at 122 West Street, BS33LT.

We practise what we preach and strictly stock items and foods that we are happy to use on our own pets.
This includes quality biologically appropriate food, chews and treats, of which we stock a large range of raw (frozen), dry and wet food for dogs and cats. All of our dog toys are considered safe for use and we only stock non-toxic plastics.
We strongly endorse positive reinforcement training and stock a large range of products that will help you positively reinforce your pooch!

We excel in giving top notch nutrition advise, and are renowned for our in-store harness fittings for dogs. If your dog is nervous of other dogs or people, call ahead and book in a time where we can do a fitting out the back or even shut the shop briefly.

At Mutty we try to remain as paperless as possible. We send all our vouchers and coupons via email. We also send out all our orders in upcycled packaging – saving the planet one jiffy bag at a time!

In Store Returns Policy: No refunds, exchange only. Items must be as-new, with all tags attached.

Online Shop Returns Policy: Items are sent by recorded mail. Please view the Terms & Conditions list at the bottom of this page. Email or phone in to book in your return. You must cover return postage and adequately package items for transport. Items must be as-new with original tags attached.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to trying to reduce our impact on the planet we use recycled/reused packaging to send out online orders. It may not look fancy, but the main thing is your goods will be protected from damage!

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