Webinars & Seminars
Roz presents affordable live webinars across the year on a range of topics. These can be viewed and purchased here.

She has taught seminars across England and in Prague, as well as doing facebook live interviews with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) and is available to present on the following topics: Body Language, Play, Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, Running a safe and successful dog walking business, How to raise the perfect puppy, Multi-dog households (risks and management), Street dogs (common problems, setting them up to succeed, managing the street dog, understanding the street dog), Canine Littermates /Sibling Rivalry (Roz’s thesis was based on this topic).

Other topics can be covered on request, if within Roz’s knowledge and ability.
If you’d like Roz to host a webinar please just get in touch.

Roz is the featured behaviour and training expert for Nutriment Raw Dog Food.

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Blue Pet Company
Roz is the behaviour and training expert and ambassador for Blue Pet Company.

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Mainstream Media
Article on Tik Tok Trends for the Daily Mirror, in colaboration with Blue Pet Co.
Article on the rise of dog bites (attacks) from my BBC Radio Bristol Interview

Veterinary Journals
Managing the geriatric dog
Socialising the pandemic puppy (peer reviewed)
Awareness and Management of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (peer reviewed)