A Hot Mess: Sexual Hormones & Canine Behaviour Webinar


Dogs are now being left entire for longer, or sometimes not being neutered at all. However, are the general dog owning public aware of what to expect from their unneutered dog as they work through the peaks and troughs of sexual development?

This webinar looks at the role of sexual hormones and how they interact with the body’s physiology, how they affect behaviour, most notably during adolescence!

From roaming, to sexual fixation, to how in bitches may behave during the various stages of their oestrus cycle.

Crammed full of research, anecdotal observations, insights and suggestions on how we can best support our dogs during their challenging first few years.

This webinar will be pitched towards owners and dog professionals.

Presented by Roz Pooley MSc CAB, APBC CAB, ASAB CCAB, ABTC CAB & ATI

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