Kong Wet Wubba Large


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The KONG Wet Wubba is made for exciting water fun! This toy is made from robust neoprene material and is perfect for playing in the water and the snow.
If you are searching for the perfect toy for your dog to chase after both on land and in the water, this KONG Wet Wubba is exactly what you need. It is made from robust neoprene and floats in water, as well as being quick-drying. The toy has no squeaker inside, which helps to keep dog owner’s sane! The yellow colour of the KONG Wet Wubba makes it easy to find, even when you are playing in the snow or undergrowth.
An additional benefit of the KONG Wet Wubba is that it is particularly durable, even against rigorous biting and throwing inflicted by large or giant breed dogs. This toy is wonderful for outdoor play in any kind of weather, in parks, on beaches and in the forest.