More Space Please! 1.8 Single Clip Leads


Here we are with MORE SPACE PLEASE design!


Why is it awesome?


It’s super, SUPER YELLOW!  It’s also fun, but clear.

What else is in this design to help? One side says “I NEED SPACE!” and “I’M NEVEROUS!”. The other says “DONT TOUCH ME!” and “I’M NERVOUS” (and yep, all of our accessories are double sided!).


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Our colorful two-sided design will turn every head around and make your dog a star of the show!  

We are all about the highest quality and uniqueness  – our accessories are all hand made and designed by us.


Even the powers of British weather will not scare our accessories!  Our collars and leashes are easy to wear, comfortable, durable, and easy to wash after a muddy walk.