XL Fish Twist


Fish is loved by pets and and while we often think about cats when it comes to fish our dogs also love it just as much. Made from 100% Fresh Fish Skins  and nothing else, dried fish offers less calories and therefore is perfect for those on a low fat diet or suffering from pancreatitis. Fish is a healthy nutritious alternative to meats and animal based products. These great Twists offer the bigger dog a treat and the smaller dog a chew. Good for the smaller mouth. Good for dental health

Our Twirls are between 8-12 inches long and 0.5-1 inches in diameter. Because they’re a natural product their colour and size may vary.

Product sold individually.


  • 100% Fresh Fish Skins – Dried
  • Gently dried (not baked) to lock in freshness
  • Feed as a treat or part of a daily diet
  • Good for dental health and the scales abrades the teeth
  • Ultimate convenience
  • Great for fussy eaters
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Free from additives and preservatives


100% Fresh Fish

Moisture: 7.13%, Fat: 2.56%, Crude Protein: 87.8%, Ash: 11.7%, Crude Fibre: 1.0%

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