**Please see updated options at the bottom of the page- providing a way forward with training whilst taking social distancing or isolation into consideration. These challenging times may be the perfect time to start training your puppy- but it’s crucial we find a way to ensure they get adequate socialisation  and do not develop home alone issues due to constant contact**

Roz & Livvy have trained thousands of puppies over the years and are here to help you get it right with your pup.

Prepare for your puppy and get all of your questions answered in a one-one session (For eg Crate/puppy pen training, toilet training, what to do on the first night you bring your puppy home, diet, exercise, chewing/biting and preventing jumping up at people). We can even help you choose the appropriate breed/type of puppy for your needs if you have not yet chosen your puppy.
Price: £48 per hour including VAT.
Phone consult:£35.00 per hour including VAT.
Prices include training notes emailed over.

Puppy 1-2-1 training sessions
We can help with typical puppy problem behaviours such as jumping up, biting, recall, toilet training, stealing food and pulling on the leash. We come round to your home and give you practical guidance on how to deal with these problems in a kind way that will enhance your relationship with your puppy.

If you missed out training class and want to join in on the advanced puppy classes ou can catch up in 1-2-1s with us, a minimum of two are required to join our advanced class. On these sessions we cover all of the exercises in our puppy foundation course enabling you to slot into the advanced course with ease.
Notes recorded during the session or emailed to you after. Price includes puppy book, training manual and emailed notes after each session.

Price: £60.00 per hour including VAT 
Price includes 10% discount off our puppy classes (or if you book these first you get 10% off the session- it works out about the same if your session is 1.5 hours long).

Intensive Training: Includes a total of five 1 hour long sessions £240 (including VAT)
Intensive training is where work with you and your dog intensively to help you get on top of training. This may be because you are unwell, lack confidence, have a too busy schedule to train or learn best from repetition. These five sessions are flexible and can be a minimum of once a week to a maximum of five days a week. We can even train your dog while you’re at work or you stay home. You will need to be present for the first and last session so we can transfer the training over to you.

Corona options:
Virtual 1-2-1 (zoom/skype/phone) plus notes and hand outs : £30.00 per hour
Virtual 1-2-1 (zoom/skype/phone) + 45 minutes social distancing in person practical/ or a second virtual 1-2-1 : £55.00

** Do check out of puppy classes page which shows 3 different class options adapted to these uncertain times**