50mls Calming Spray for Dogs


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50mls Aromatic Calming Spray suitable for Dogs.

Instruction leaflet supplied.


Using the Applied Zoopharmacognosy self-selection theory this bespoke Reiki & Herb Calming Spray can lower your dogs fight or flight response to noise and anxiety.


Great for use during the Fireworks season, building work, or any nightime disturbance/noise.


Can be used for separation anxiety, or when you are expecting visitors into your home.


Spray into your dogs immediate environment in times of anxiety or stress,

or onto it’s bedding to calm and soothe. Good for night time anxiety/barking.


Can be sprayed into a dog carrier, onto a blanket or into your car when visiting the Vet.


Can be sprayed onto your shoes when out walking with your dog for added re-assurance.


Can be used to re-assure, or diffuse situations when your animal is feeling stressed or anxious.


A great tool when helping your own dog, or for family & friends when welcoming a new companion into the home.


During the fight/flight response the Calming Spray will support the pathways of the brain that calm the dogs nervous system,  in turn this creates a sense of calmness, all within a few minutes.


A Reiki & Herb Best Seller for Dogs with 5* Product reviews.


Shake well before use.

Always spray away from the animal & never directly onto their fur.

Please consult with your vet before use if your dog is on any medication.

Natural Holistic Ingredients.