Why choose us?

  • The only class in Bristol to limit their numbers to four puppies with two trainers present, with this ratio attendees get plenty of one on one coaching.
  • Head trainer, Roz Pooley, has attended the highly acclaimed Life Skills for Puppies course at Lincoln University and continues to attended courses and seminars so she is up to date on modern research in dog behaviour.
  • We have our own training center in Bedminster (BS3) which is full of interesting and stimulating things that pups can explore safetly while in the company of others. This gentle exploration increases confidence and aids the development of the brain.
  • All attendees receive support before, during and after the course with any problems they may be experiencing.

The Mutty Professor offers puppy classes that concentrate on the things we consider to be of utmost importance in a dog’s life: developing social and life skills, building confidence, staying safe and maintaining general health and well being.

As a dog trainer I often see dogs who have adequate obedience but are lacking confidence, are easily frustrated or who have poor social skills. This can make walking the dog incredibly stressful for both the dog and owner.
We focus on building a solid foundation for your dog, giving them gentle experiences and exercises that will enable them to cope with every day life and give them the skills they need to make appropriate choices. We will help your dog be calm, polite, confident, patient, resilient and social.
Most importantly, we aim towards helping you understand what dogs are saying to each other and to us, so you and your pup can build a good relationship based on trust and understanding.
As part of the course we include an in-store discussion session for owners to attend without their puppies present. This is so we can take you through what we are going to do, talk you through some of the common issues experienced around the home and so you can ask as many questions as you like without us rushing the answers. This means that when the puppies are in class we concentrate on them and cover more practical work.

  • The minimum age for attendance is 8 weeks old. (Max age 20 weeks)
  • Pups must have started their vaccinations to attend the course.
    We follow the same guide lines as Lincoln University and accept pups on our courses after their first course of vaccinations.
    They do not need to wait until their second set of vaccinations to attend class.
    It is important that pups start gradually experiencing the world outside before 12 weeks of age. The ‘critical socialisation’ period is 8-16 weeks of age.
  • In class you will both learn: ‘settle’, loose leash walking, handling/husbandry, recall, waiting for doors (house and car), leave it, drop/give, food manners, hand target/’touch’ and how to interact calmly and politely with dogs and people.
  • Video tutorials and written notes emailed to help with homework!
  • Exclusive access to our facebook puppy support group.
  • All attendees get a goodie bag full of things that will help you train your pup successfully. A kong (to help them be calm and to keep them mentally stimulated),a lead (because successful loose leash walking requires the right type of leash), a treat bag (to quicken the treat delivery process, ensuring your timing is spot on!),high value treats  (because your treat bag will need lots of treats in it!) vouchers and food samples.
  • The option for attending social walks with adult dogs once the classes have finished.

Our course fee is £78.00 and this total includes a goody bag, hand outs, class notes, an owner induction class (where we talk about canine behaviour and common puppy problems) and four practical training classes.

September Classes:

Owner intro: August Tues 29th 6-7.30pm 
Class 1: September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  @ 6pm (One Place left!)

Class 2: September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th @ 7.15pm (Fully booked!)