Brace yourself for a lot of info! This course has been fine tuned over seven years of running classes leading to continuously sold-out courses from word of mouth alone. Describing what we do is not straight forward, we put so much into these classes to help you raise the perfect puppy. It’s a lot of info and it may feel like you need a PhD to figure it out- but just drop us an email and ask for more info if you are still confused once you’ve read it all!

Why choose us?

Our classes concentrate on the things we consider to be of utmost importance in a dog’s life: developing social and life skills, building confidence, staying safe and maintaining positive well being.

  • The only class in Bristol to limit their numbers to four puppies with two trainers present, with this ratio attendees get plenty of one on one coaching.
  • The course content is overseen by Roz, a Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She is supported by Claire, Sam and Rowan.
  • We have our own training center in Bedminster (BS3). Kitted out with pups in mind; no slippery floors, lots of enrichment and your pup’s own safe training space.
  • Attendees receive extensive support before, during and after the course. You get exclusive access to our private puppy support and virtual class group on facebook
  • The minimum age is 8.5 weeks old at the start of the first practical class  giving pups time to settle into new homes. Max age at start of class is 18 weeks.
  • We accept pups into our classroom a week after their first course of vaccinations. You do not need to wait for their second course of vaccinations. The environment is safe. Pups must start gradually experiencing the world outside before 12 weeks of age. The ‘sensitive socialisation’ period is 8-16 weeks of age, but the window starts to close quickly at 12-14 weeks. Keeping puppies indoors/at home until they are 14 weeks of age puts them at risk of fearful behaviour in later life. Please contact us with any concerns or questions on this topic.
  • In class you will both learn: ‘settle’, loose leash walking, handling/husbandry, recall, waiting for doors (house and car),  drop/give, food manners, hand target/’touch’ and how to interact calmly and politely with dogs and people (including not jumping up).
  • We kick off each course with an owner intro/puppy seminar where we discuss common behaviour problems, prepare you for class and answer any questions
  • Video tutorials and written notes presented in a 40 page training manual so you don’t have to memorise everything!
  • All attendees get a goodie bag with a lead, treats and liki mat.
  • 20% off 1-2-1 training sessions if you’d like a top up once the course finishes.

During Corona Virus we ran online classes. What we noticed was the standard of training achieved was far higher than when our classes were exlusively classroom based. This should be of no suprise, training should always start in a low distraction environment! So, we have modified our course to create what we believe to be the perfect format. The online start gives you a chance to practise in a low-pressure environment (your home) and gives young pups the time to settle into their new lives and bond with you– without being overwhelmed by somewhere new. By the time you bring them into the classroom, all pups will have a foundation of learning in place that will set them up to succeed. Don’t worry about your pup missing out on socialisation. Rushing this in a new environment can overwhelm young pups, and we feel delaying classroom sessions sets the younger, smaller or more shy pups to be more confident and cope better- this will result in a more interactive social session by class 3 where other pups are present. Highly social and confident puppies will have had two weeks of training in a low-distraction environment which should help them focus on their owners once in the classroom with other pups. It’s a win-win for all.
We provide feedback on any videos submitted of pups socialising out and about throughout the course- so you can use these to us to get feedback pre- classroom. Plus, there are still 3-4 (depending on if you book the bonus class) classes on the course that include socialisation with other dogs.

Class 1: Owner intro class / puppy seminar (online format until social distancing is no longer in place).
Class 2:
Online (zoom) practical class
Class 3:
Online (zoom) practical class
Class 4:
Classroom practical (one person per puppy whilst social distancing measures in place)
Class 5: Classroom practical (one person per puppy whilst social distancing measures in place)
Class 6: Classroom practical (one person per puppy whilst social distancing measures in place)
Bonus class: Outdoor puppy class (weather dependant) where we practise everything ‘in the wild’. **Extra charge**
Note- the above is our format for July onwards. This has been structured on the assumption (and hope!) that in –
person classes are able to resume by mid July.
In the event of lockdown or increased social distancing measures we will switch to an exclusively online format. In the event of this, partial refunds can be processed (deducting value of course used).

** If you are unsure of using zoom we can provide help on getting you started (it’s suprisingly straight forward!). If you do not have the means to do online classes we can do a 1-2-1 session at your home at a discounted rate to cover the content in person (social distancing will require consideration). Please see options below**
All options include: goody bag, digital book with training videos and access to our private puppy groups online.
Format 1: Classes 1-6 £85.00 inc VAT.
Format 2: Private 1 hour lesson (no online classes), Classes 1 (online, owner intro) & 4, 5 & 6 in Classroom with other pups,  £110.00 inc VAT.
Format 3: Classes 1-6,  PLUS a 45 minute private phone/zoom consult (lockdown clients found these very useful!)  £100.00 inc VAT.
Bonus Class: £10.00 per puppy. Please note in winter months classes may be rescheduled or cancelled due to bad weather. Refunds will be processed in the event of cancellation.
To book: Please book via acuity below, just select the WEEKDAY & TIME SLOT you’d like. This will automatically sign you up to all of the classes listed under that option. To upgrade to Format 2 or Format 3, or add the bonus class- drop us an email and we’ll charge you for this seperately. If the menu below doesn’t let you select a date/time then it means it’s fully booked, sorry!

July- booking- fully booked, course started

August classes- fully booked, spectator places available.
Book a spectator place via the box below and you will get to watch classes 1-3 Mon 29th June, July 1st/2nd and July 7th/8th.
You’ll also get our puppy book and be welcome to join our facebook support groups. You can get feedback on your training via video submission on these groups, as well as any questions answered.
September Classes
will be listed online mid-end July. To reserve a place- please drop us an email:

August dates: You cannot mix n match Weds or Thurs, sorry- it has to be either day for the whole course. We appreciate  all these options can be a bit confusing, just ask if you’re totally lost on what’s what!

Class 1, Owner intro: All groups Monday 27th July 6-7.45pm (on zoom, slides and recording available)
Class 2:
Wednesday 5th August 6.45pm OR Thursday 7th August 6.45pm (on zoom, slides and recording available)
Class 3:
Wednesday 12th August 6.45pm OR Thursday 12th August 6.45pm (on zoom, slides and recording available)
Class 4:
Wednesday 19th August 6pm OR 7.15pm OR Thursday 20th August 6pm OR 7.15pm in the classroom (select the desired time when booking)
Class 5:
Wednesday 26th August OR Thursday 27th August in the classroom!- must be the same time as your first classroom class
Class 6: Wednesday 2nd September OR Thursday 3rd September in the classroom!- must be the same time as your first classroom class
Bonus class: Sunday 6th 1pm Bonus outdoor puppy class- extra fee applies. Limited spaces available.

Book spectator places here:

Book a whole Puppy course here: