Why choose us?

  • The only class in Bristol to limit their numbers to four puppies with two trainers present, with this ratio attendees get plenty of one on one coaching.
  • Roz has completed the highly acclaimed Life Skills for Puppies course at Lincoln University. Roz & Livvy have attended the intensive 7 day puppy instructors course with Chirag Patel. Assistant trainers Kate & Dale have completed lots of CPD.
  • We have our own training center in Bedminster (BS3) which is kitted out with pups in mind.
  • Attendees receive support before, during and after the course.

Our classes concentrate on the things we consider to be of utmost importance in a dog’s life: developing social and life skills, building confidence, staying safe and maintaining health and well being.

  • The minimum age for attendance is 9 weeks old. (Max age 18 weeks)
  • We follow the same guide lines as Lincoln University and accept pups on our courses a week after their first course of vaccinations. You do not need to wait for their second course of vaccinations to start. It is important that pups start gradually experiencing the world outside before 12 weeks of age. The ‘critical socialisation’ period is 8-16 weeks of age, but the window starts to close quickly at 12-14 weeks.
  • In class you will both learn: ‘settle’, loose leash walking, handling/husbandry, recall, waiting for doors (house and car),  drop/give, food manners, hand target/’touch’ and how to interact calmly and politely with dogs and people (including not jumping).
  • We kick off with an owner intro class where we discuss common behaviour problems, prepare you for class and answer any questions
  • Video tutorials and written notes presented in a 40 page training manual so you don’t have to memorise everything!
  • Exclusive access to our private puppy support group on facebook.
  • All attendees get a goodie bag with a lead, treats and kong
  • Invitation to join up our advanced puppy class course once you have completed the foundation class.

Course fee: £85.00 (6 classes/lessons)

September 2018 fully booked

October 2018 Spaces available
Owner Intro: 6-7.30pm Monday 1st  October
Practical classes: 
Wednesdays 6pm or 7.15pm 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th October
Last class Sunday 4th November 11.30am  ‘In The Wild’ class! 

Thursdays 6pm or 7.15pm 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th October
Last class Sunday 4th November 12.45pm  ‘In The Wild’ class!

November Classes: Spaces available
Owner Intro: 6-7.30pm Tuesday 30th  October
Practical classes: 
Wednesdays 6pm or 7.15pm 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th November
Last class Sunday 9th December 11.30am  ‘In The Wild’ class! 

Thursdays 6pm or 7.15pm 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November
Last class Sunday 9th December 12.45pm  ‘In The Wild’ class!

December Classes: Spaces available
Owner Intro: 6-7.30pm Monday 3rd  December
Practical classes: 
Odd dates due to Christmas!

6pm or 7.15pm 6th, 11th, 13st and 20th November
Last class: Saturday 22nd 11.30am

To book: Please book via acuity below


For puppies over 18 weeks of age

  • Must have completed our foundation puppy class course or completed 2 x 1 hour one-one training sessions with Livvy or Roz
  • Progress onto more advanced exercises: Stay, food on the floor ‘leave it’, loose leash walking, higher distraction recall, more advanced husbandry behaviours such as voluntary nail trimming

Course fee: £60.00
Course fee includes: Hand outs, Video tutorials, Exclusive access to online facebook puppy support page

Please book via Aquity here: